Since they created their accounting firm 8 years ago, Olivier Murru and Paolo Crea have been working in close cooperation with Luxembourgian managers of SME companies. Today, they make a startling observation: a lot of company managers are steering their activities “blindfold”, without knowing the real financial conditions of their company, and are making decisions by relying on their mere “gut feeling”. This risky way of running their business could lead to substantial operating losses, or even worse, straight to bankruptcy. Which is not an unthinkable situation, knowing that more than 1.000 Luxembourgian companies filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

Based on this finding, Olivier Murru and Paolo Crea decided to found a new entity within their existing business activity, named Cabexco Proactive, aiming to assist SME company managers in running their business. Paolo Crea, co-managing partner of Cabexco Proactive explains: “When a company manager is entirely taken up by the operational aspects of his business or is mainly looking for new clients, he risks not seeing a lot of major problems coming ahead: loss of revenues, cash flow gaps at decisive moments, wrong investment decisions, missed external growth possibilities or partnership opportunities, and so on…” Through solid analysis tools, Cabexco Proactive wants to provide company managers with the advice they need but are often lacking to develop and grow their company and make decisions in a serene and proactive way.

To achieve this goal, Cabexco Proactive has decided to use the new, reliable, performing and state-of-the-art EMAsphere software. This online management dashboard and decision making tool has been created in 2013 when the founders of EMAsphere came more or less to the same conclusion, namely that SME-company managers needed assistance. Over the last years, the company raised more than 3 million euro to invest in the development of the tool which counted 500 clients at the end of 2016. Through an intuitive and very effective GUI, EMAsphere makes the follow-up of the current and future financial and operational KPIs more easy, thus providing company managers with the keys to manage their business and make the right decisions. “Our tool is as sophisticated as it is easy to use” assures Hugues Vandepeutte, co-CEO and co-founder of EMAsphere. ‘It enables accounting firms such as Cabexco Proactive to position themselves as advisors who create added value for their clients, mainly SME companies.”

The efficiency of the EMAsphere solution is reinforced by the expertise of Cabexco Proactive that turns financial and operational data into effective management advice. Olivier Murru, co-managing partner of Cabexco Proactive, explains: “We are currently assisting an SME company active within the communication industry that is shifting its recruitment policy towards positions that are more in line with its business model and its 5-year strategy that has been set up and budgeted with the EMAForecast module of the EMAsphere software.”

Didier Vankeerberghen, co-CEO and co-founder of EMAsphere, points out: “EMAsphere has the strong ambition to become the major solution in online tools dedicated to proactive company management. EMAsphere and Cabexco Proactive are part of the digital transformation that involves all businesses and all company levels and nudges them to efficiently exploit the huge amount of available data.

This partnership between both companies is based on a common mission: assist company managers in developing their activities, by exploiting and interpreting management data in an efficient and proactive way.