EMAsphere provided our startup with a cutting-edge financial management tool

Performing management tool, EMAsphere helps small businesses to reach excellence level of the biggest companies thanks to a detailed analysis of their profitability.

Founded in 2012, OneAston is a company specialized in computing services for the wealth management industry. In 3 years, this startup based in Singapore expanded its presence in 3 other capitals in south-east Asia. Today, its 25 staff members provide advanced computing solutions to asset management specialists in the entire region.

The importance of sound financial management

I created my company at the same time as EMAsphere adds Dave White, OneAston CEO and co-fondeur. “Hugues Vandepeutte, EMAsphere founder, and I were former colleagues. When he offered to try the EMAsphere solution with its dashboard, I accepted immediately: I knew he was, as I was, convinced about the main importance of finance management, even for a start up. I would say, even more for a start up.

Understand the origin of our revenue
“The main interest of a good dashboard is to enable a better understanding of the revenue/expenditure structure ”, says Dave White. « Thus, a startup must be able to track trends in performance for all revenue sources. The faster the company understands which are its more valuable customers, and which activities produce the higher income rate, the better it can orient its development. This is precisely what EMAsphere solution provides ».

Integrating all the data
A good dashboard must integrate all the available information, financial & operational values, of the company. “Obviously, this is even better if it is automated”, adds Dave White. “Imagine: our coworkers enter data in timesheets, if we want to know how many hours were spent on a client we need to have a system which gathers and centralizes the information. EMAsphere aggregates all the input, combines it with accountancy data on synthetized dashoards and facilitates a quick analysis. Thus, we have a clear vision of each client & each activity revenue. We can also make forecasts, scenarios and budgets, and then compare our performances.

Immediate Health check
As a manager, I constantly need to have a clear view on where we stand”, says Dave Whiate. “Thanks to the cockpit, all the key info are on a single page: I can see the evolution the most important KPIs that we have chosen, i.e. treasury situation, cash flow forecasts. In a few clicks, I access the data behind the dashboard and take a closer look when this is necessary.

Ecstatic administrators
EMAsphere simplified board meetings preparation. “As a matter of fact checking 15 spreadsheets to get the info is a great loss of time for little results.”, explains Dave White. “With EMAsphere, I select the most important information, I copy-paste and all the members receive the same document which fixes discussion and decision to be made. It takes me 10 minutes and the meetings are more efficient since they are based on a fully integrated reporting with historical perspective. It is crucial to make good decisions at the right time.

A multinational like management
To sum up, EMAsphere provided OneAston with a managing tool worthy of a multinational company at a fraction of the cost”, delights Dave White. “Many similar sized companies – including competitors – still try to run their businesses with spreadsheets. We remain one step ahead. Not to mention, EMAsphere is cloud-based : I do not have to care about the infrastructure. I can concentrate on my business, EMAsphere provides all the data I need in a unique decision making tool.