• The BePark solution

BePark offers an easy parking solution to drivers who are looking for a parking space in the city. The principle of BePark is based on the concept of park sharing through smartphone.
Now that parking space is taking a less prominent place in the urban landscape, BePark offers an innovative idea to connect owners willing to optimize the management of their parking surface with users looking for a parking spot in the major cities of Belgium. Since 2016 the app and parking places are also available in Paris; other cities in France and Europe will follow.
BePark brings an innovative and technological response to the growing problem of the lack of parking spaces in city centers and targets two types of clients. Firstly, business customers who wish to offer parking spaces in crowded areas; BePark is responsible for the furnishing and the rental of the parking surface on behalf of the owner. Secondly, BePark targets individuals by providing short or long term parking solutions.

  • Why using a dashboard tool and how does EMAsphere meet your needs?

We were looking for a dashboard solution enabling us to visualize our accounting data and integrate them in the daily management of our company. A steering tool allows in-depth knowledge of the company and contributes to the internal decision making process.
EMAfinance, the online management dashboard solution from EMAsphere, enables us to establish this necessary and useful link between accounting and management. The accounting data are finally converted into meaningful data providing an overview of BePark’s financial health.

  • What could be a good reason for an SME to adopt a dashboard solution?

A dashboard facilitates the near real time monitoring of the company’s results and allows determining the actions requiring a closer focus in order to optimize the steering of the business process.


This text is based on an interview with David Millan Mene – Executive Director, Fin & Ops BePark | www.bepark.eu